Although it feels like something from a previous lifetime, I still have a deep connection to my work as a mental health therapist. I treated children and families with a multitude of concerns and diagnoses, including cognitive, behavioral, social, and/or learning disorders. While I loved my work as a therapist and look back on it fondly, I knew I needed to pursue my creative dreams of working in television and film.  However, my current work has been greatly informed by my training and experience in counseling and human psychology. It influences me artistically on a constant basis - from crafting story to writing dialogue to directing talent. Below are a couple of awesome places I worked at as a clinician. 


St. Vincent Catholic Charities

I worked as a Specialized Foster Care Therapist at St. Vincent Catholic Charities in Lansing, MI. They are a great local non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, families and adults living in crisis. DONATE HERE.   


Chamberlain International School

I worked as a Mental Health Clinician at the Chamberlain School in Middleboro, MA. The Chamberlain School is a co-educational therapeutic boarding and day school, serving students ages 11-22. I conducted individual sessions as well as group sessions.