As a writer/director, I am constantly working on my next feature, short, or pilot script. Most recently, I co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced CHELSEA, a feature film being released on June 13, 2017 by SUMMER HILL FILMS. CHELSEA was nominated for Best Narrative Feature and Best Actress at The Queens World Film Festival and was also an official selection of the Cinema At The Edge Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA. Watch the trailer below or visit the IMDB page to check out everyone else involved! 

SYNOPSIS: When Chelsea's best friend Laura gets engaged and moves out of their apartment, she's left with more than an empty room. In her increasingly frustrating search to find a new roommate, Chelsea realizes that her life may not be shaping up the way she'd pictured it. On the surface, Chelsea spends her time searching for the right roommate while struggling with an unfulfilling job and a condescending boss, but underneath she is just trying to figure out why everyone else around her seems to have life figured out.